Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tangerine & PC Financial: Apple Pay is here!

Information Link:

Now, you can add Tangerine Money-back and PC Financial MasterCard in Apple Pay. Note: you need download the latest app update, 2.0.2, which is available now in the app store in order to validate the card. Otherwise, it may not work.

Please see the current card list for Apple Pay in Canada:
  • American Express
  • ATB (MasterCard credit cards)
  • Bank of Montreal (Interac debit cards, MasterCard credit cards)
  • Canadian Tire (MasterCard credit cards)
  • CIBC (Interac debit cards, MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
  • President's Choice (MasterCard credit cards)
  • RBC—Royal Bank of Canada (Interac debit cards, MasterCard and Visa credit cards)
  • Scotiabank (American Express credit cards, Interac debit cards, Visa credit and prepaid cards)
  • Tangerine (MasterCard credit cards)
  • TD (Interac debit cards, Visa credit cards)