Here are some referral links that we can provide:

1) GCR: (our email:

2) Koodo Mobile:

3) Swagbucks:

4) Bitcoin:

5) PC Money Account:

6) Rakuten:

7) Paymi

8) Simplii Financial Global Money Transfer and Foreign Cash Services

9) CIBC Global Money Transfer Services

10) Questrade Online Brokerage

11) Wealthsimple Trade (NOT Wealthsimple Invest)

12) Public Mobile:

PS: We do allow people to post their referral codes/links of some rewards programs on our website. Normally, you will see a note like this: "If anyone wants to leave his/her referral code below, please use the following format ONLY...". Please follow the instruction to provide your referral code/link. And, repeated entries of referral code/link will be deleted (including the original one and the repeated one). We will check on this regularly. Thanks.