Here are some referral links that we can provide:

1) GCR: (our email:

2) Koodo Mobile:

3) Swagbucks:

4) Bitcoin:

5) PC Money Account:

6) Rakuten:

7) Paymi

8) Simplii Financial Global Money Transfer and Foreign Cash Services

9) CIBC Global Money Transfer Services

10) Questrade Online Brokerage

11) Wealthsimple Trade (NOT Wealthsimple Invest)

12) Ampli Cash Back app

13) Public Mobile:

PS: We do allow people to post their referral codes/links of some rewards programs on our website. Normally, you will see a note like this: "If anyone wants to leave his/her referral code below, please use the following format ONLY...". Please follow the instruction to provide your referral code/link. And, repeated entries of referral code/link will be deleted (including the original one and the repeated one). We will check on this regularly. Thanks.