Wednesday, September 4, 2019

CIBC Global Money Transfer: Up to $85 Bonus

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Expiry: Feb 29, 2020

Do you want to send money to others globally? CIBC can help you on that with their Global Money Transfer service, and no transfer fee.

Note: CIBC foreign exchange rates apply. You must have a CIBC chequing, savings or personal line of credit account to send a CIBC Global Money Transfer. Most transfers are completed by the next business day. However, there are times when a transfer requires 2 to 3 business days to be completed.

We introduced Simplii Financial Global Money Transfer service before (click here). Actually just like Simplii Financial, CIBC also provide good bonus (up to $85) if you use their Global Money Transfer service for the 1st time.

How it works:

1) If you are a new CIBC customer, please move to step two. If you already have a CIBC chequing account, you can open a new CIBC Bonus Savings account online. So, you can be considered as a new customer for the $60 service bonus. Note: make sure that you have >$100 in your CIBC eligible account.

2) Click a referral link from your friends (you should not use your own referral link). If you don't have a referral link from your friends, please use ours: Thanks. You will earn $25 when you send your first transfer. Note: you can get this $25 referral bonus and the $30/$60 service bonus together.

3) Click "Sign on" to log in your CIBC online account => Click "Global Money Transfer"

4) Enter the recipient's information including: name, address, their bank and account information etc

5) Enter how much you want to send (>$100 CAD)

6) Input “GMTSAVINGS” at promo code section and select which account to pay from. You will earn $60 bonus if you use your new account (within 60 days from opening).

7) Review and submit your transfer.

BTW, as far as I know, not every CIBC customer has the referral link for Global Money Transfer. If anyone wants to leave his/her referral link below, please use the following format ONLY: "My CIBC Global Money Transfer referral link is: *******. Thanks." Other format will be deleted. Thanks. Note: because it contains link, we need to approve referral comments one by one. So, please be patient...