Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Point Valuations (Canadian Version)

One of the most frequent questions I get from my friends/readers is "What are the points & miles worth?" This is a difficult question and there is no right answer for it. Every one may have different opinions on it based on their experiences and priorities.

Also, there are many versions of point valuations online, but most of them are for US people. Therefore, I would like to present my personal point valuations (Canadian Version) as follows:

  • "TPG US ¢" is based on the point valuations from "The Points Guy" Mar 2019 Valuations
  • "TPG US ¢" was converted to "TPG CA ¢" using the current (Mar 2019) exchange rate 1 US ¢ = 1.34 CA ¢
  • "CR CA ¢" is the point valuations from "Canadian Rewards". Those valuations could be different from the TPG version due to many reasons.
  • For those "Credit Card Points", if those points can be redeemed to Grocery/Gas/Amazon Gift Cards, then they will keep the full value. If those points can only be redeemed to travel cost, then their valuations will be 10% off. If those points can only be redeemed to travel cost with certain platform, then their valuations will be 15% off.
  • We will update this point valuation table once/twice per year. If you have any recommendations, please write comments below. Thanks.