Saturday, May 8, 2021

How to buy Bitcoin in Canada

Updated on May 8, 2021: VirgoCX platform is introduced. Please read the post below.

Updated on Apr 17, 2021: DOGE coin is quite popular recently (its price is around USD $0.3 today). If you want to buy DOGE coin, you can buy it from Binance exchange. Please click our Binance referral link: and create your Binance account with ID and Address Verification. The easiest way to fund your Binance account is to transfer BTC from your Shakepay account to your Binance account. And then you can trade your BTC to DOGE coin.

Updated on Apr 16, 2021: Bitcoin price is around USD $61,500 today. I am not asking you to buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies here. Cryptocurrencies investment has very high risks. Please be wised with your decision! But, if you want to buy Bitcoin in Canada, I would suggest you to try Shakepay or Newton.  If you want to sign up a Shakepay account, please use our referral link below: , and you can earn $10 when you buy CAD $100 of Bitcoin / ETH.  If you want to open a new Newton account, please use our referral link: , and you can earn $25 when you make your first trade of CAD $100 cryptocurrencies. Thanks for your support.

Bitcoin price hit its new all-time high (USD $52,000+) on Feb 17, 2021. Some friends asked me recently how to buy Bitcoin in Canada. So, I would like to introduce the options for Canadians to buy bitcoin today. Note: I am NOT recommending or suggesting that you should buy those cryptocurrencies, and you should always do your research to make informed investing decisions. All I provide here is just an introduction of the workflow. From my point of view, I prefer Shakepay and Newton exchange platforms.

Apply any new eligible RBC credit card and get 25000 Petro-Points

Deal Link:

Expiry: Sep 20, 2021

When you apply for any new eligible RBC credit card and link your new card to your Petro-Points card within 30 days of approval, you an get 25,000 Petro-Points (value $25 in free gas). This offer expires Sep 20, 2021.

From my point of view, if you want to apply for a new RBC credit card, you can apply for RBC Avion Visa Infinite or RBC WestJet WEMC. Both of them currently have good Limited Time Offers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

HSBC World Elite MasterCard: 70,000 points + First Year Free + GCR $50

Expiry: Sep 27, 2021

HSBC just released a new welcome offer for the HSBC World Elite MasterCard.

CostcoGrocery: Earn a $75 online voucher (Expired)

Deal Link:

Expiry: May 6, 2021

You can receive a $75 online voucher for a future purchase when you spend $350+ before taxes on CostcoGrocery items and enter Promo code "GROCERY21" at checkout. This offer is valid for orders placed May 5, 2021 to May 6, 2021. The online voucher is valid until Aug 31, 2021.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Current Tangerine Bank Promotions (Updated on May 2021)

Deal Link:
Updated on May 4, 2021: If you apply a new Tangerine Money-Back (World) MasterCard through, you can get $100 e-gift card upon approval.

Deal Link:
Expiry: Jan 31, 2021 Apr 30, 2021 Jul 31, 2021

Tangerine has an update on their 5-month intro offer for the Tangerine Savings Account. New clients can earn 2.10% interest when you open a Tangerine Savings Account and Chequing Account with up to $150 bonus when payroll requirements are met.  The Tangerine core rate for the Tangerine Savings Accounts (Standard, RSP and TFSA) is 0.1% now.  If you want to know more details, please click the Deal Link above.

How the online offer works:
  1. Become a new Client online by Jul 31, 2021 using promo code 'EARNMORE' (for this promotion, you cannot use Tangerine Orange Key)
  2. Open your first eligible Savings Account and Chequing Account within 30 days, and you’ll earn 2.10% interest in your Savings Account for 5 months.
  3. Add your payroll and have the first payroll direct deposit in your Chequing Account within 60 days of opening the Account. Keep it going for at least 3 straight months and you’ll earn a $150 Bonus after the 3rd month. 

If you cannot meet the requirements for the $150 bonus (for example, you cannot add your payroll direct deposits in Tangerine), you can open a new Tangerine account with Tangerine Orange Key. Then you can earn a $50 Bonus with an initial deposit of at least $250 within 60 days of becoming a Client and meet other conditions (Note: this $50 bonus cannot be combined with the $200 bonus above). Because each person can only have up to 3 referral per year, we don't want to provide our Orange Key here. If you need a Orange Key, please send us email:, thanks.

Tangerine Bank (a subsidiary of Scotiabank) is one of my favorite Canadian Banks (almost free services with good interest rates):
  • As you may know, Tangerine Bank is a subsidiary of Scotiabank, and you can use Scotiabank ABM for free. 
  • Your first book of 50 cheques is free. And you can also transfer money by Interac e-transfer for free!
  • After the first 5 months, you can open a new EQ Bank Savings Plus Account and move most of your money there:

PS: For opening Tangerine bank accounts, you can either show your ID at a Canada Post Outlet or at a Tangerine Café, or you can send Tangerine a cheque from your other bank to verify your identity. After you open your Tangerine Bank accounts, you can have your own Orange Key and you can use it to refer your friends.

BTW, If anyone wants to leave his/her Tangerine Orange Key below, please use the following format ONLY: "My Tangerine Orange Key is: *******. Thanks." Other format will be deleted.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Brim World Elite MasterCard: Earn $500+ in First Time Bonuses + FYF

Updated on May 3, 2021: This offer has been extended to May 31, 2021.

Deal Link:
Expiry: Apr 30, 2021 May 31, 2021

Brim World Elite MasterCard is a very good credit card with $199 annual fee. It will not charge any foreign transaction fees on purchases in another currency, online or abroad. And you can get free global Wi-Fi provided by Boingo and premium insurance coverage.

You can earn 2% back in Brim Rewards points when you use Brim WEMC for purchases (for example, in Costco). In addition to the 2%, you can also get extra points through InCard offers and eShop offers in the Brim app. And you can also earn 2X the points on all payments with Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, which is 4% back with Brim WEMC.

For now, Brim WEMC annual fee of $199 will be waived for the first year of membership. This offer is only available to new Brim cardholders. Offer subject to change at any time. Annual fee waiver may take up to two billing cycles to appear on your account. And you can also earn $500+ in First Time Bonuses.

Brim Financial has a referral program. When you refer your friends to open a Brim MasterCard, you will earn 2000 points ($20 value) for every friend that successfully signs-up and activates card. Then your friends will receive 1000 points ($10 value) when they activate.

If you need a referral code, please use ours, thanks: 97068 (or referral link:

BTW, if anyone wants to leave his/her referral code below, please use the following format ONLY: "My Brim Financial referral code is: *******." Other format will be deleted. Thanks. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Aeroplan eStore: Earn 7X miles at Apple (Expired)

Expiry: Apr 30, 2021

You can earn 7X the Aeroplan miles when you shop at Apple via the Aeroplan eStore before Apr 30, 2021. The eligible products include iPhone 12 models, Apple Watch and more. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

PC Financial MasterCard: 100,000 Bonus Points (Expired)

Expiry: May 6, 2021

If you apply for a PC Financial MasterCard before May 6, 2021, you will earn 100,000 PC bonus points (value $100) in your PC Optimum account when you make a first purchase with your new card at a participating store. No minimum purchase amount required. BTW, PC Financial WEMC cardholders need to meet a minimum annual spending of $15,000. Otherwise, PC Financial will issue a new PC Financial MasterCard instead.

Monday, April 26, 2021

STACK Prepaid MasterCard: Earn $5 bonus

STACK is a smarter way to spend, save, and share money–anytime, any place–with a mobile app or Prepaid MasterCard. Right now, STACK is available in Canada, including Quebec.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Scotiabank: GCR Cash Back Boost (Expired)


Expiry: Apr 30, 2021

If you apply some Scotiabank credit cards through GCR before Apr 30, 2021, you will earn GCR cash back boost in addition to the normal welcome bonus. For example: $120 extra bonus for Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite, Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite and Scotiabank Gold AmEx Card (it was $100 in Mar 2021 for these 3 cards)!

GCR is the oldest and probably the best cash back website in Canada. I've earned a few thousand dollars in cash back from GCR alone, and I always check GCR first for all my Canadian online purchases.

If you want to sign up for a GCR account, please use our referral link below: , and fill in our email ( as referral email address during registration. GCR will give you extra $3 bonus (We will also get some bonus. Thanks).