Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Freedom Mobile Black Friday Offer

Freedom Mobile is the 4th largest mobile company in Canada. Its network coverage is as follows: https://www.freedommobile.ca/en-CA/network-coverage If you in Freedom Mobile's coverage area, you can enjoy the relatively low monthly fee mobile services.

Currently Freedom Mobile is introducing a new Black Friday offer. If you choose to switch to Freedom Mobile, you can get a Galaxy S20 FE 5G phone and 20GB of Fast LTE data for Absolute Zero on a $55/month phone plan. Note: two year term required. 

Freedom Mobile also has a referral program. If you open a new Freedom Mobile account, you can earn a $25 service credit (The person referred must also subscribe to a minimum $25/month with Digital Discount Prepaid or Postpaid consumer rate plan to be eligible to receive a $25 reward credit).

How to get this $25 referral bonus:

1. Ask your friend to get a Freedom Mobile referral link. If you need, you can send an email to us (canadianrewards@gmail.com), and we will provide you a referral link. Thanks.

2. Click the referral link and enter your name and email address to sign up this referral program. You must sign up for the program before activating your new service.

3. Within the next 30 days after claiming the offer, you must both activate a new service with Freedom Mobile on a minimum $25/month (with Digital Discount) Prepaid or Postpaid consumer rate plan, and then return to the Refer A Friend website to enter your new Freedom Mobile phone number. This will allow us to verify your account.