Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Mogo Platform Introduction

Mogo is a new way to manage our money. Mogo empowers Canadians with simple and powerful solutions to help them improve their financial health and live more sustainably.  

The Mogo platform offers:

  • Free Credit Score – Free monthly credit score monitoring. As you know, knowing your credit score is critical for financial health. Mogo credit score monitoring is soft pull, and it will not affect your credit history.
  • MogoProtect – Free identity fraud protection. Mogo is the first and only company in Canada currently offering this for free (no credit card or promo code required and no limited trial period)
  • MogoSpend – Mogo Visa platinum prepaid card that was created to help members control their spending. As an added benefit Mogo will offset 1 pound of CO2 for each dollar spent using the card. So, the free MogoCard can help you save money and fight climate change.
  • Access to personal loans
  • MogoCrypto – A simple way to buy and sell bitcoin (Limited time offer: Fund $100 or more to MogoCrypto and Mogo will add an extra $5 to your balance)
  • + many more features

You can sign up for a free Mogo account through the mobile app or on the web in just 2 minutes. If you are interested in Mogo Platform, please use our referral link to sign up (and Mogo will provide bonus to us, thanks): https://app.mogo.ca/e/ACdAEoIC19?referral_code=RVFMNTJF

BTW, if anyone wants to leave his/her Mogo referral link below, please use the following format ONLY: "My Mogo referral link is, thanks: *******." Other format will be deleted. Thanks. Note: because it contains link, we need to approve referral comments one by one. So, please be patient...