Thursday, February 7, 2019

Some good news related to AmEx cards

【This was posted originally on Feb 6, 2018】There are 2 good news related to AmEx cards recently:
  1. As you know, there are 2 different categories for AmEx cards: credit cards (SPG, Cobalt, SimplyCash etc...) & charge cards (Platinum, Gold etc...). Before, in Canada you can only have up to 2 AmEx credit cards at the same time. Now, you can have up to 4 AmEx credit cards at the same time.
  2. AmEx Platinum Card will be made out of metal (coming soon...). This will be the 2nd metal AmEx card in Canada, probably the 4th card in Canada. The other 3 Canadian metal cards are AmEx Centurion, HSBC Jade WEMC & RBC Private Banking Visa Infinite Privilege.
No official announcement for these 2 news for now...

Updated on Feb 7, 2019: Finally... Here it is! AmEx Platinum metal card is coming to Canada this month. BTW, if you want to apply it, please wait a few more days. We will update here once it is official released.

One of my friends just called AmEx and the CSR said that the metal card is in progress. They will notify the current AmEx Platinum cardholders for the replacement card later.