Tuesday, December 27, 2016

KnowRoaming: Free WhatsApp Usage

Deal Link: https://www.knowroaming.com/

KnowRoaming is a Toronto-based technology company that provides complete connectivity solutions around the world. With KnowRoaming SIM, you can get unlimited data in 90+ countries with USD $7.99/day, and data roaming in 200+ countries. You can see the detailed rates at:

Each KnowRoaming SIM Sticker and SIM Card comes with a free US and UK number. Both numbers can be used to send and receive calls while abroad. Text messages can be sent and received using your free UK number only.

KnowRoaming’s prepaid platform puts you in control of your spending. Before using KnowRoaming voice, text, or data services you will need to load credit to your account through the KnowRoaming app. You have the option to load credit in the amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150 using your credit card. (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.) Following payment through the app, you’ll receive an email receipt. Since all services are prepaid, you will never be surprised by a bill after you return from your trip.

There is also an optional auto-reload feature, which automatically tops up your KnowRoaming credit when your balance drops below $5. This ensures that calls and data sessions do not drop part-way through as a result of a $0 account balance. With auto-reload, your credit card is debited just as if you were making a manual purchase, but without having to go through the shopping cart and approval process.

Any credit remaining in your KnowRoaming account after one trip can always be used on your next trip to any of the 200+ countries where KnowRoaming offers rates. Any unused credit on your account will expire after 15 months of inactivity. Only prepaid credit expires after the 15 month period. The Global SIM Sticker and Global SIM Card itself does not expire.

One great thing: All WhatsApp usage is free on KnowRoaming products everywhere (including calls, phone/video messaging, texting, video calling). Please keep in mind that while WhatsApp does not require credit, other apps that pull data will use credit. This is good for children usage. All you need to pay is the SIM price at the beginning.

I bought one KnowRoaming SIM (Free Shipping to Canada). After you installed your App, you can use the SN# at the back of your SIM to link it with your KnowRoaming account. You also need to set up your roaming data connection based on the guide: https://www.knowroaming.com/simmanual.pdf

I tested the Free WhatsApp with my backup phone, and it works very well. The Global SIM is USD $9.99. If you are interested in it, you can use our referral code "BOYA64" to buy it. With our code, you can receive 30% discount on your purchase, and both of us will receive $5 in credit. Thanks.

After that, if you share your experience to Facebook, you can get an extra $5 in credit. Basically, you pay USD $7 (plus tax) for the SIM, but you can get USD $10 with our referral code. Pretty good deal for new clients.

Updated on Feb 19, 2018: Just got an email from KnowRoaming: "In order to continue offering our bonus WhatsApp promotion to our growing customer base, we have updated the eligibility requirements. This promotion is designed as a bonus for active customers using KnowRoaming services and will no longer be available for customers who have not loaded credit onto their account. In order to qualify for this promotion, you can simply load credit onto your account in the KnowRoaming app by selecting “Tap to Reload” and following the prompts. Once you have loaded credit onto your account, this promotion will automatically reactivate within 48 hours.  Following this, you will be able to enjoy 30 days of free bonus WhatsApp usage each time you load credit."