Monday, November 21, 2016 is offering free Equifax credit score is offering a free credit score now (just like mogo, borrowell, credit karma). Their score is based on Equifax. One of the good things: this score is available to QC residents.

From Ratehub's FAQ, this check should be a "soft" credit inquiry and does not affect the score.

But one of our readers reported to us, that he checked his Equifax report right after checking his score on He found one hard pull and one soft pull from CANWISE Financial.

We don't want to make any conclusions now. We just list the facts here... 【YMMV】

Updated on Nov 22, 2016: 

RateHub is aware that a hard credit score pull was occurring through Equifax and appearing as RateHub's mortgage brokerage "CanWise Financial". The error was identified immediately to Equifax and RateHub worked closely with the bureau to correct it for the roughly 50 affected users.

If you were impacted by a hard pull, this has been reversed by Equifax, though it may take up to 24 hours for your credit report to be updated. A select number of early users of RateHub's free credit scores may also see the company's soft inquiry appear as CanWise Financial.

Rest assured, RateHub's free credit scores are soft inquiries only, as an educational tool to help users select financial products that are best suited to them. A soft pull does not affect your credit score and RateHub free credit score users will not see any impact to their scores.