Thursday, July 23, 2015

ZenBanx: Exchange CAD for USD, dollar for dollar (up to $250)

Deal Link:
Expiry: Aug 3, 2015 ONLY

ZenBanx is backed by DUCA credit union and insured by DICO. ZenBanx offers debit cards accessible on the CIRRUS and the EXCHANGE network. You can set up and link to initial bank account via uploading a cheque image. It is free to transfer CAD money between linked bank accounts. ZenBanx fees are all listed here:

On Aug 3, ZenBanx customers can exchange CAD for USD at par with no transaction fees for a single transaction up to $250. Under current 1 USD=1.3 CAD rate, if means ZenBanx give you $75 CAD for free. ZenBanx did this before on Jul 1, and may continue do this in the future.