Sunday, August 13, 2017

Some new Drop One-time offers

We introduced "How to Share Drop One-time Offers to Friends" before:

There are some nice Drop offers now (expires in Aug):

1) Whole Foods Market (Offer expires Aug 21, 2017):

2) Swiss Chalet (Offer expires Aug 26, 2017):

3) Second Cup (Offer expires Aug 26, 2017):

4) No Frills (Offer expires Aug 29, 2017):

If you already downloaded and installed Drop, you will be able to add these new offers to your Drop "One-Time Offers" list.

If you are not a Drop user yet, it will let you to install the Drop app and then add that new offer for you. Note: In this case, after installation, you should open your Drop => settings => "Have a code?". Then, input a referral code there to get a Free 1000 points (value $1). If you need a "Invite Code" to get 1000 points from Drop, you can use ours: canadian-rewards

Thanks. PS: There are more Drop "One-Time Offers" at our website: