Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tangerine Money-Back World MasterCard

Tangerine will issue a new credit card soon: Tangerine Money-Back World MasterCard. Some Tangerine Money-Back MasterCard holders can upgrade to the new card now. The new card can provide some new benefits in addition to the Tangerine Money-Back MasterCard:
  • Car rental insurance - Damage and theft protection for your car rental when you rent for up to 31 consecutive days and charge the full cost of your rental to your Card.
  • Mobile device insurance - Protection on new cell phones, smartphones or tablets when you charge the full cost to your Card, or when you purchase it through a plan and charge all of your wireless bill payments to your Card. Covers up to $1,000 if your mobile device is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or experiences mechanical failure.
  • MasterCard Airport Lounge provided by LoungeKey - Your complimentary membership gives you exclusive dining, retail and spa offers in over 400 airports worldwide, along with access to over 1000 lounges at $32 USD per visit. 
With all these new benefits, the annual fee for the new Tangerine Money-Back World MasterCard is still $0.