Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Shoppers Drug Mart: Buy LINDT Chocolate and Earn 16,000 Points (Expired)

Expiry: Nov 28, 2019

As you may know that there will be a big SDM point redeption event during Black Friday (between Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2019). You can redeem 250,000 points for $400 (70,000 points for $100; 130,000 points for $200) in SDM stores during promotion period. But some friends don't have that amount of points to redeem. Now you have a chance to accumulate some SDM points before Blace Friday.

You can earn 16,000 points if you buy $20+ LINDT brand chocolate in SDM stores befoe the end of Nov 28, 2019. You can use this LINDT promotion multiple times. Note: althought it shows 8,000 points on the flyer, you can actually earn 16,000 points (we have many data points to confirm this in Canada).

BTW, if you buy it on Nov 27, 2019, you may combine another offer "10,000 points for every $30 spent on almost anything in store". Note: the additional points you earned with this offer is: if total > $30 then non-lindt/total*10,000.

Just remember, that the points you earned now can worth a lot more during the upcoming point redeption event!