Sunday, September 27, 2020

HSBC World Elite MasterCard: 100,000 points + First Year Free + GCR $50

Deal Link:
Expiry: Dec 28, 2020

HSBC just released an amazing welcome offer for the HSBC World Elite MasterCard.

If you apply it by Dec 28, 2020, you can receive up to 100,000 Points:
  • Welcome Bonus – 20,000 Points ($100 travel value)
  • Spend $5,000 in the first 180 days to earn an additional 80,000 Points ($400 travel value)
Plus, HSBC will waive the first-year annual fee for the primary cardholder (offer excludes Quebec residents).

If you are Quebec resident, actually the offer is even better (no spending requirement, but you still need to pay the annual fee $149):
  • Welcome Bonus – 20,000 Points ($100 travel value)
  • Receive an additional 110,000 Points ($550 travel value) if you keep your account open and active for 180 days

Deal Link:

BTW, you can also earn $50 cash back rebate from GCR, if you apply this card through GCR. GCR is the oldest and probably the best cash back website in Canada. I've earned a few hundred dollar in cash back from GCR alone, and I always check GCR first for all my Canadian online purchases. If you want to sign up for a GCR account, please use our referral link below: , and fill in our email ( as referral email address during registration. GCR will give you extra $3 bonus (We will also get some bonus. Thanks).

So, the total welcome bonus will be: $500 + $50 = $550

HSBC World Elite MasterCard is a very good credit card with following benefits: