Thursday, April 26, 2018

Skip the Line and Earn Free Eats with Ritual

A social ordering app that connect you and your favourite restaurants and coffee shops are now spreading in the city of Toronto with it's Tiffany blue logo. Here are some features and tricks for playing with this awesome app.

Feature 1:Skip the line

The most obvious function of this app is to skip the waiting time and grab food right away. You can place your order at home before you leave and food will be ready when you arrive the restaurant. Ritual now covers the majority of the Downtown Toronto's area, with tons of top and popular restaurants, including North York, Markham, etc.

Feature 2:Earn free eats 

Regular order can collect 10 points for every $1 spend. If you order more than 8 times each month, you will get the Elite Status and you can earn 15 points every $1. For any restaurants tagged with Earn+ (simply search 'Earn+' in the app and it will show) , you can earn 15-20x the points on every second order. Every 10,000 points can be redeemed as $10. Therefore, for the even number of orders at those Earn+ restaurants, you could earn a 20% return, along with the return on your credit card, you can easily get a 25%-30% of high return.

Meanwhile, Ritual has also provide some excited daily promotions such as, 100 points get $2 discount, 250 points get $5 discount and even free coffee and food. Combining with Earn+ restaurants, a $0.5 spend will get 100 points which is can be trade-in for $2, more than 100% return, that's awesome!

Feature 3:Piggyback and earn free points

Every time, picking up the lunch for your colleague will rewards you a 500 bonus points, or you could give this earning opportunity to your colleague while taking a nap in the office and waiting for the food to get to your table for free.

Feature 4:Lots of promotions to earn points and get access to Ritual exclusive events 

Ritual is now available on both APP Store and Google Play. Simply download the app on your smartphone and click the link: to register and you will get a free $10 bonus to start. (normal registration won't have the $10 bonus)

Also, there are lots of easy points for new users, for example, send a message from your address book will get you 5,000 points, likes 5 restaurants and earn 500 points, upload the profile photo and earns 500 points, etc.

Overall, this is a really awesome eat app which can save your time and earn free eats. If you are the one who brings your lunch everyday, it wont be a bad idea to just sign up, grab the $10 and get a free meal :)