Monday, December 10, 2018

Get a $100 bonus when you open an account with HSBC Wealth Compass Funds

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Expiry: Jan 31, 2019

HSBC Wealth Compass Funds make it simple and cost-effective to invest at a level of risk that is suitable for you with a range of products managed by qualified HSBC investment professionals
  • Start with as little as $25 per month with a lump sum investment of $500
  • Access broad diversification by asset class, industry and geography for up to 1% all-in fees (estimated management expense ratio)
  • Professionally managed to maintain their target risk level
  • Suitable for medium- to long-term investment goals
  • Available to HSBC Mutual Funds account opened online through HSBC Wealth Compass

Now, HSBC has a new account bonus offer for HSBC Wealth Compass Funds. When you make an initial investment of $1500 or more in a new HSBC mutual fund account online through HSBC Compass and you may be eligible to receive a $100 bonus.

There are 5 different mutual funds that you can choose (for all of them, fee is <1 p="">

BTW, each type of account (RRSP, non-registered, TFSA) opened online through HSBC Wealth Compass may be eligible for the Bonus Offer. If you open more than one account, you will receive one Bonus Amount per account type for a maximum of 3 Bonus Amounts in total per customer. So, up to $300 bonus.