Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fluz: Starbucks gift card 40% off

Updated on Jul 20, 2020: Starting from Jul 19, 2020, you can only buy Starbucks GCs in $5 increments.

Fluz is not a recently launched App. It has been promoted in the United States for a long time. Briefly to say, it is an app that buys gift cards and earns cash back. However, most of the gift cards sold can only be used in the United States, so Fluz is not that popular in Canada.

In fact, Fluz can be used in both the US and Canada. Although most of the sold gift cards by Fluz can only be used in the United States, Starbucks gift cards are a special case. Starbucks gift cards in the United States can be reloaded to our account in Canada at real-time exchange rates. Recently, due to the epidemic situation, Fluz launched a promotion: you can get 3 Vouchers by using our referral code, and each Voucher can give you 35% cashback when buying a Starbucks gift card for about 10 USD (this is the upper limit for each purchase).

Here is a step by step instruction:
  1. Download and install Fluz (https://fluz.app/)
  2. Enter mobile phone number and receive verification code
  3. Enter name (we recommend to fill in your real name), email, password
  4. Enter our referral code: BEIBEIZHANG2010322446C9 and get the 3 Vouchers mentioned above, thank you!
  5. Enter the credit card information, use the first Voucher, buy the first Starbucks gift card 10.01USD, that is, spend 10.01USD to get 11USD gift card and 3.7USD cash back
  6. Use the 3.7USD cashback and the second Voucher to purchase the 2nd Starbucks gift card 10.01USD, that is, spend 6.31USD to get a 11USD gift card and 3.7USD cashback
  7. Use the 3.7USD cashback and the third Voucher to purchase the 3rd Starbucks gift card at 10.01USD, that is, spend 6.31USD to get a 11USD gift card and 3.7USD cashback
  8. Use the 3.7USD cashback, buy the 4th Starbucks gift card 5.01USD, that is, spend 1.31USD to get 6USD gift card and XXXUSD cashback (XXX can be ignored)
  9. In total, we can get a Starbucks gift card of 39USD for 23.94USD only. That is a 40% discount on the purchase of the Starbucks gift card
  10. Finally, reload the purchased 4 Starbucks gift cards with a total of 39USD to the Canadian account to enjoy Starbucks coffee

  • Since the purchased Starbucks gift cards are in US dollars, it is recommended that you use a credit card with no currency conversion fee. Of course, it is better if you have a US credit card, especially the American Amex credit card, which can take advantage of Shop the Small promotion 10 times, i.e., purchasing a 10.01USD gift card can get a 5USD Statement Credit. It is worth mentioning that the US Shop the Small can be used 10 times at the same merchant like Fluz, but unfortunately the Canadian Shop the Small requires merchants from different locations.
  • Some people may ask why you want to buy a Starbucks gift card of 10.01 USD instead of an integer. This is because Fluz's special Round mechanism, that is, to buy any decimal gift card, Fluz will automatically generate a rounded up gift card. In other words, the credit card only needs to pay 10.01USD to get the 11USD Starbucks gift card. Therefore, buying 10.01 can maximize the discount for buying gift cards.
  • Since Starbucks gift cards are very popular in Fluz, they may be out of stock from sometime, so be patient to refresh it

BTW, If anyone wants to leave his/her Fluz referral code below, please use the following format ONLY: "My Fluz referral code is: XXXXXXXX. Thanks." Other codes will be deleted. And we do NOT accept Fluz referral link here. Thanks.