Tuesday, April 6, 2021

AmEx: GCR Cash Back Boost

If you apply some AmEx credit cards now through GCR, you will earn cash back boost in addition to the normal welcome bonus. I am excited to see the highest ever GCR bonus for some AmEx credit cards, for example $120 for AmEx Cobalt Card; $150 for AmEx Business Edge Card; $200 for AmEx Aeroplan Reserve Card; $250 for AmEx Aeroplan Business Reserve Card; $250 for AmEx Business Platinum!

GCR is the oldest and probably the best cash back website in Canada. I've earned a few thousand dollars in cash back from GCR alone, and I always check GCR first for all my Canadian online purchases.

If you want to sign up for a GCR account, please use our referral link below: https://www.greatcanadianrebates.ca/Register/126795/ , and fill in our email (canadianrewards@gmail.com) as referral email address during registration. GCR will give you extra $3 bonus (We will also get some bonus. Thanks).