Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Paytm: Send Money to Friends and Family (and earn $10 bonus before Sep 15)

As we mentioned before, Paytm can be used to pay bills such as property tax, Utilities, Education tuition etc. You can link your credit cards in Paytm and earn cashback/points with bill payments. With Paytm Rewards program, you can redeem your Paytm Cash for gift cards and earn up to 5% cashback bonus. And you can use Interac to add money to your Paytm Cash. You can read the Paytm introduction here: http://www.canadianrewards.net/2017/07/paytm-pay-bills-with-credit-cards.html

Paytm just announced a new function to send money to friends and family. I updated my Android Paytm App today and the "Send Money" sign is at the first page. It is quite easy to send the money in the App. Of course, the recipient need to have a active Paytm account.You can enter the recipient's email or phone #, and Paytm will find the recipient's account related to the email address (or phone #). Then you just follow the instruction and send the money. You can also add a Message (optional) to the recipient.

Note: You need to have enough Paytm Cash balance to send the money. If your balance is not enough, you can use "Add Money" to increase your Paytm Cash. BTW, please do not use Tangerine Bank to add the money to your Paytm Cash (some friends told me that it may not work).

Paytm also mentioned that they will add a new function to Send Money to Bank in the near future. Honestly speaking, I do like Paytm. It is better than the Plastiq I used before. And Paytm is continuously adding new features/benefits and it makes the life more convenient.

There is a special promotion for Canadian Rewards readers. Paytm will offer $10 Cashback on the first send money transaction done by a Canadian Rewards reader. The users have to ensure the following:
  • Do a send money transactions that's are more than $30. It needs to be their first send money transaction.
  • This cash back will be given to a valid individual person. No duplicate accounts :-)
  • Mention "#JustPaytm" in the optional message so that Paytm can identify
  • Offer valid until September 15th, 2017

Also, just a heads-up, Paytm is running a “Get Your Mobile Bill Paid for 1 Year” Contest now! People need to make $500 of bill payments using their bank payments or Paytm Cash. You can see the contest details from the link below: http://www.canadianrewards.net/2017/08/paytm-get-your-mobile-bill-paid-for-1.html

If you are not a Paytm user now, you can download the Paytm App from your App Store and register use our Promocode: PTM8933000 . You can get $10 credit from Paytm by using this code. The $10 credit will show up "On Hold" in your Paytm account until you pay your first bill (> $100). We will get $10 credit too. Thanks for using it.