Thursday, July 6, 2023

Aeroplan: Get up to 75% bonus points now and unlock two 15% bonuses for later

Deal Link:

Expiry: Jul 12, 2023

Until July 12, 2023, if you buy Aeroplan points, you will get a bonus of up to 75%. Furthermore, if an Aeroplan Member purchases Aeroplan points for their own Aeroplan account or for the Aeroplan account of another Aeroplan Member during the Offer Period, they, or the Aeroplan Member for whom Aeroplan points are being purchased, will unlock an incremental top up of 15% bonus points that will be automatically applied on eligible Aeroplan points purchases made during the next two similar offers that may occur in the same calendar year. 

Aeroplan Members will have to purchase a minimum amount of Aeroplan points to be eligible for the extra 15% bonus points as more fully determined by any future offer terms and conditions. For instance, if the bonus points is 85% in September, then the members purchasing points in accordance with the offer than in place will receive 100% bonus points, and if the bonus points is 95% in October, then they would get 110% bonus points. All terms applicable to any new offers will apply to the purchase of points.