Thursday, May 2, 2019

AmEx Offers (Canadian Version) is online now!

Finally, AmEx Offers come to Canada. You can log-in the above link with your account information (from my experiences, you better not use a mobile devices for now). Then, you’ll see all the Amex Offers you have available on a given card.

These offers come from a wide variety of merchants. You need to register them to your card before using them. And you can check how many credits you earned from previous offers.

This is very convenient. I am sure that you will see these offers in your AmEx app in the future. But please remember, all these offers are targeted. You may get 0 offer in your account. Please let us know if you see any offers that not shown here. Thanks.

Updated on May 2, 2019: AmEx Canada App was updated and included this AmEx Offers in the app. You can also log-in your online AmEx account to see your offers.