Friday, May 8, 2020

Plastiq Referral Program

Updated on May 8, 2020: Plastiq decreases the referral bonus to 100 FFDs and increases some credit card service fee to 2.85%. 

Plastiq is a third-party service provider that offers additional payment methods, including credit cards. You can link your credit card to your Plastiq account and get credit card rewards through Plastiq payment. Normally, Plastiq charges a fee of 2.5-2.85% for this service.

Plastiq has a referral program. Here's how it works:
  • Share your referral link (above) with friends via email, social networks, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • Get rewarded in return for every person who registers with Plastiq via your referral code and they make payments totaling $500 or more (doesn’t have to be a one-time payment).
  •  For each awesome referral, you will be able to send $100 through Plastiq without any fees (Plastiq called this FFDs: Fee-Free Dollars). That means if your next payment is $100 or less, there will be no service fee, and any leftover credit will rollover to your next payment. If the payment is more than $100, a service fee will only be charged on the dollar amount over $100. Let's assume an average Plastiq service fee of 2.5%, then it means you can save $2.5 by one successful referral.
  • You friend will get 100 FFDs (value of ~$2.5).
These FFDs don’t last forever, though – your balance will be reset to zero 90 days after the last time you used or earned them.

Last but not least, my Plastiq referral code is 215391. Please use it if you want to register with Plastiq.

BTW, If anyone wants to leave his/her Plastiq referral code below, please use the following format ONLY: "My Plastiq referral code is: *******. Thanks." Other format will be deleted.