Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Air Miles Mega Miles (2020)

Updated on Aug 18, 2020: One of the Mega Miles offers is to spend $150+ through airmilesshops.ca. The easiest method is to reload Amazon.ca gift card through airmilesshops.ca. I bought $160 amazon.ca gift card and earn 8 Air Miles (one mile per $20) + 50 Air Miles (Mega Miles bonus). 

Deal Link: http://airmilesmegamiles.ca/en/home
Expiry: Sep 10, 2020

Air Miles is one of my favorite rewards programs. Air Miles Mega Miles promo is back now. If you use offers at 5 different partners from Aug 13 to Sep 10, 2020, you will earn 1000 bonus miles. If you use offers at 3 different partners, you will earn 300 bonus miles.

Note: It requires 5 different partners, not 5 different offers. This is still pretty easy.