Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to Share Drop One-time Offers to Friends

Drop is one of my favorite Canadian points program. You can read its introduction here:
http://www.canadianrewards.net/2016/10/drop-points-program-introduction.html  Normally, for new Drop user, he/she may only see a few "Ongoing Offers", but not much good "One-time Offers". And, different people may get different "One-time Offers" in Drop App.

Today, I want to introduce a good feature in Drop, called "Share". For example, currently there is a good Tim Hortons one-time offer (this offer expires Jun 9, 2017), that you can earn 1000 points when you spent any amount at Tim Hortons. I did not have this offer in my App at the first place, but one of my friends shared that offer to me. You can see from the pic above that it shows "OFFER FROM A FRIEND".

So, if you have a good offer that your friends don't have, you can share your offer to your friend and you can get 500 points when they spend on that offer! It is a Win-Win for both sides.

All you need to do is to click that one-time offer, then click "Share" to send the offer link to your friends by email. The shared offer is like this (this is the Tim Hortons offer above): I just activated an offer on Drop! Get your FREE 1,000 points when you supercharge your first card via this link: http://b.ewd.io/agtq/DXhmpc9FLD

If you like Amazon shopping, there is another good "One-time offer" for you (if you cannot find it in your Drop App now). You can earn 2000 points when you spend at least $50 at Amazon (if shows amazon.com here, but amazon.ca works just fine). You can buy $50 e-gift card from Amazon.ca and earn this 2000 points easily. This offer expires on Jun 8, 2017. The shared offer is like this (this is the Amazon offer): I just activated an offer on Drop! Get your FREE 1,000 points when you supercharge your first card via this link: http://b.ewd.io/agtq/zo2EkGeILD

If you already downloaded and installed Drop, you will be able to add this new offer to your Drop "One-Time Offers" list.

If you are not a Drop user yet, it will let you to install the Drop app and then add that new offer for you. Note: In this case, after installation, you should open your Drop => settings => "Have a code?". Then, input a referral code there to get a Free 1000 points (value $1). If you need a "Invite Code" to get 1000 points from Drop, you can use ours: canadian-rewards

In the future, we will list more good Drop "One-Time Offers" at our website:

Please feel free to use those shared links. Thanks.

Updated on Feb 1, 2018: It seems that Drop stops the "Share" feature of those Drop offers...