Saturday, January 1, 2022

Brim World Elite MasterCard: Earn $500+ in First Time Bonuses + FYF

Updated on Jan 1, 2022: This Brim WEMC FYF offer has been extended to Jan 31, 2022. Some of our readers told me that if you call Brim at the end of the 1st year, Brim may only charge you $99 annual fee for the Brim WEMC for the 2nd year. Honestly speaking, $99 annual fee for a 2% cash back MasterCard is not a bad deal. Brim may even waive your Brim WEMC annual fee for the 2nd year, if your 1st year card spending is high.

Deal Link:
Expiry: Dec 31, 2021

Brim World Elite MasterCard is a very good credit card with $199 annual fee. It will not charge any foreign transaction fees on purchases in another currency, online or abroad. And you can get free global Wi-Fi provided by Boingo and premium insurance coverage.

You can earn 2% back in Brim Rewards points when you use Brim WEMC for purchases (for example, in Costco). In addition to the 2%, you can also get extra points through InCard offers and eShop offers in the Brim app. And you can also earn 2X the points on all payments with Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, which is 4% back with Brim WEMC.

For now, Brim WEMC annual fee of $199 will be waived for the first year of membership. This offer is only available to new Brim cardholders. Offer subject to change at any time. Annual fee waiver may take up to two billing cycles to appear on your account. And you can also earn $500+ in First Time Bonuses.

Brim Financial has a referral program. When you refer your friends to open a Brim MasterCard, you will earn 2000 points ($20 value) for every friend that successfully signs-up and activates card. Then your friends will receive 1000 points ($10 value) when they activate.

If you need a referral code, please use ours, thanks: 97068 (or referral link:

Updated on Dec 1, 2021: Brim MasterCard is the first in Canada that can be live in your Apple wallet instantly. You can start using your new digital card with Apple Pay within seconds of submitting your application. 

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