Saturday, October 14, 2017

RBC BA Visa Infinite Card: Up to 50000 Avios Sign-up Bonus

RBC is offering a 50000 Avios sign-up bonus for RBC BA Visa Infinite Card now.

Here’s how:
Step 1: Receive 15,000 Avios as welcome bonus upon approval
Step 2: 25,000 bonus Avios when you spend $5,000 CAD in the first two months
Step 3: Another 10,000 bonus Avios when you renew your card after your first year

Usually, RBC will require you to spend over $9000 to earn 50000 bonus Avios. This time, the requirement is a little different. Less spending, but you need to keep the card for at least one year. Considering the $165 annual fee, I think maybe 40000 bonus Avios is good enough.

Another interested thing: there is no expiry date for this promotion on RBC's website. Will this offer be the new standard sign-up bonus?? I doubt it, but let's wait and see...