Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PhoneBox Post-paid Mobile Monthly Plan

PhoneBox is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) company and it has started to operate in May 2011. In Canada, PhoneBox works as a Rogers & Telus reseller. They can provide you a Rogers/Telus SIM card which is good for unlimited Canada-wide calling & messaging plus data plan.

You can see their current mobile phone plans here: I have to say that their monthly plans are pretty good with lower prices compared with Rogers/Telus. As the plans are based on Rogers/Telus network, so the calling/messaging/data quality is good. You can bring your own device or buy mobile phone from their website. is now an affiliate partner of PhoneBox and we have a referral link if you want to sign up for PhoneBox services (we will receive bonus from PhoneBox. Thanks). Please follow the procedures below:
  1. Click our referral link: (SIM Card Activation & Order Form)
  2. "Do you have a SIM Card?": Choose "No" to order a new SIM card
  3. "If you have a promotion code please enter it": "SimcardNoCharge" => The SIM card charge of $10 will be waived if you input this promo code here. Note: This code is only valid when you use our referral link above.
  4. Fill in other information, choose your plan and submit the order. 
  5. The SIM card will be mailed to you free (if your address is in Canada). Once you receive your SIM card, please click our referral link again:
  6. "Do you have a SIM Card?": Choose "Yes" to activate this new SIM card
  7. Enjoy your mobile monthly plan! :)